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ENVISIONEERS was born out of Citizen Schools, a national organization with decades-long experience and a track record for developing and providing a powerful Expanded Learning Time Program (ELT) highlighting the benefits of  hands-on learning and volunteer mentors from the community.  They have a proven record of impact on student growth and school culture.  


ENVISIONEERS, while a new organization, is being led by the same program staff and leaders who have led the Citizen Schools California team for the last several years.  This includes the entire Leadership team and Advisory Board.  We know this will ensure the seamless transition and delivery of the same well known Citizen Schools ELT program across our Bay Area campuses.


ENVISIONEERS and Citizen Schools will remain close allies as we move to bring equity to education through our separate programs.  We could not do this without our partner schools, volunteers, staff members, and supporters like you.  

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