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THANK YOU to everyone who helped make this year's event a success–Sponsors, Donors, Mentors, Teachers, Young Scholars, Families, Friends and Volunteers! 

Gene'a Mitchell shares about Neuromaker during the2022  ENVISION EQUITY EVENT

Listen to ENVISIONEERS North Bay Program Director highlight her experience participating in Neuromaker at Westlake Middle School 

Envision Board Neuromaker

Jaemani, shares about his 
Power of the Presentation experience  


  • We had the Power of the Presentation at three of our partner schools last semester and this apprenticeship comes to us from one of our partner corporations, Duarte Designs in Santa Clara.

  • We have been working with William Shepard since 2014/2015

  • We have served over 2900 scholars 

  • We have supported the growth of 5 of our Alum Rock staff in their journey to becoming teachers in the district

  • And another 5 staff in becoming teachers in other Bay Area Districts

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